The Importance of Social Media

17 January 2021
by Tiaan Joubert

Some of the most frequent questions we get asked when meeting with new clients are: "Why should my company have a social media presence?" and/or "How do I know which social media platform to use, to grow my business?"
Social media is probably the best way of digitally creating, not only a voice for your brand but an image - the image which will represent your brand.  With your social media platform serving as your brand's voice, it will enable you to communicate with your audience in various ways.

When we look into communicating with audiences, we look at sharing important information like product or service information, special offers, industry-specific news, and even important notices.
When it comes to sharing this information on your social media platform, it allows your audience to engage directly with your brand:
They can ask product related questions, encouraging their decision within their buying journey (yes, you can even make a sale on social media), they can also be using the platform for after-sales services or they can even just be a fan of your brand and show their support by engaging with your brand frequently (liking or commenting on posts).
Post on your social media platforms should always encourage your audience to engage, whether it is by using a CTA (Call to Action) to your website, or whether you simply ask your audience a question - you should always keep the user experience in mind and not just post for the sake of posting.

The reason why we look into the user experience is that you are selling to humans - the journey you take them on should be a pleasant one, but more on user experience at another time.
Sharing informative content on your social media makes for good reading (engagement), users will read about your product or service, and keeping them well informed means your brand stays top of mind when the time comes for them to make a purchase. One of the best ways to share informative content is through blogging - we use blogging as part of our Inbound Marketing approach to ensure that our clients are the thought leaders within their respective industries, sharing blogs to their social media platforms, keeping their audiences well informed and the brand, top of mind.

Now that we know why social media is so important, how do we choose the correct platform for the brand?

Quite a few companies, even big corporates get this wrong - it is an honest mistake. Brands jump on social media, just for the sake of being there, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because you can always benefit from creating brand awareness by utilizing as much of social media as possible, but that being said, you want to talk to your correct targeted audience, and unfortunately, they do not all use the same platform.

It all comes down to whether you cater to the B2C (Business to Consumer) market or the B2B (Business to Business) market within your sector.
With the B2C market, the ideal platform is Facebook, while with the B2B market the ideal platform is LinkedIn.
Furthermore, you need to determine whether your brand is more visual, to which Instagram would be the perfect fit, or whether you are looking for something more instantly trending like Twitter.

Each of these platforms has its unique business tools which you can use to your advantage, if you want to know how to successfully utilize these tools to enable growth for your business, please get in touch, we would love to assist in building the digital image for your brand, and make your voice heard.