Retainer clients

Be part of the Banadipe family

Want your Marketing signed and sealed?

We are not only here as your marketing professionals, we are here to build a relationship with our clients, because the results of their business is a true reflection of our business – therefor we take it to heart to earn our clients’ trust and have them as part of the Banadipe Family.

Being part of the family means that you hire us to take care of your business’s marketing. As marketing professionals, we can be in total control of your marketing or even work hand in hand with existing marketers of a business. The process would involve us to set up a formal meeting with the client to discuss the marketing needs. A contract will be set up with the client for a fixed rate per month (according to the marketing needs of the client) over a set period of time.

We want the client to put their trust in us and see us as part of their team to make the absolute best of their business, because family looks after one another.

We guarantee a return on investment, because this is one of the biggest investments a business can in taking the first step towards the growth and building of their brand of tomorrow.

Contact us for more information on becoming a retainer client – we look forward to having you as part of the Banadipe family.

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