"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"
-Milton Berle

What does Banadipe Marketing offer?

Professional Marketing

at competitive prices
Banadipe Marketing offers the "A to Z" of Marketing to any kind of business who is looking to expand their brand.
The Banadipe Marketing team will help you with everything you need - from your logo design, to your website design and we'll even help you organize and promote special events.
At Banadipe Marketing we focus on every aspect of your marketing needs - we analyse your target market and we work with your company to set a marketing strategy in order to acheive a specific goal and achieve success.

Banadipe Marketing's Services

Website Design

Do I need a website?
A company's website plays a key role in the marketing of the company. Business owners need to ask themselves: "Does my competition have a website?" Your website is a digital advertisement available for the whole world to see - so let us help you make a great impression, by designing it according to your needs.

Corporate Designs

Design of logo, corporate identity and company profile.

Social Media Marketing

Setup, support or manage Social Media.

Corporate Event Planning

Organize and promote of corporate events.

Becoming a Retainer Client

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